Scholarship Opportunities

Adult Vocational Scholarship

The Rotary Club of Woodstock is pleased to announce a new vocational scholarship geared to adult learners who are preparing for a career that requires less than a four year degree – this could be an Associate’s Degree or a certificate.

To be eligible, the recipient must live within the boundaries of Woodstock School District 200, be 25 years of age or older and be enrolled in a vocational degree or certificate program at an accredited institution.

Adult Vocation Scholarship
For more information

Peter G. Knapp, Vocational Services Director
Phone: 815-338-9211

William "Bill" Frejd Vocational Scholarship

The vocational scholarship is to provide educational opportunities for men and women who are preparing for careers that require LESS THAN A FOUR-YEAR DEGREE (Associate Degree, Diploma or Certificate) in order to enter into those careers and become successful and productive. The Rotary Club of Woodstock will be offering local scholarship(s) for a possible minimum award of $500.00 and maximum award of $1,500.00.
Applications are to be delivered via email only to: and copy to

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Community Service plays an important role in our decision as well as academic achievement.
Woodstock Rotary Foundation Scholarship applications should also include two letters of recommendation. An official transcript should be included with the application. A minimum 2.75 GPA is required. Applications are due the first Friday in April.

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